Promoting quality tourism that respects the local population, fights the depopulation of villages and promotes urban regeneration activities in the medium and long term adapting employment opportunities to the post-Covid-19 demand.


Increasing adults competencies related to job profiles in the social, touristic and artistic sector, especially enhancing the participation of vulnerable groups.


Increasing the sense of inheritance and preservation of historical values.


Re-Cultural Heritage project seeks to improve the cohesion of the local communities through educational paths that support the personal development of specialists, citizens and minorities towards employment and labor market integration. Furthermore, the intent is to build a strategy of economic and employment development linked to quality tourism and to underline the role that a proper appreciation of cultural heritage can play in the economic regional development.


The Cultural Heritage of the Greek Panigiri Festivals

The Cultural Heritage of the Greek Panigiri Festivals A Panigiri is a centuries-old traditional festival organized during the summer, mainly in villages on Greek islands. The festival is not only about chanting and praying, but you also can find the three key elements that make a Panigiri successful: good music and plenty of food and […]